Our Care & Services

Our Services Include:

  • Well checks and immunizations recommended by the AAP and CDC
  • Illness visits
  • Care for non-severe cuts, burns, and injuries
  • Management of acne and eczema
  • Sports medicine physicals and injury care
  • Chronic asthma and allergy care
  • Care for children and teens with disabilities as part of a health care team
  • Comprehensive care for ADHD, depression and other mental health care
  • Behavior evaluation and management for all age groups
  • GYN health exams and health care for female adolescents

Please check with your benefits manager or call your carrier directly for questions about covered benefits. The telephone number will be on your card. Payment will be expected for any uncovered services at the time they are rendered.

Well Visits

We believe well checkups are an important part of your child’s health care. It is important to take a look at the unique qualities of your child, such as their growth and development. Your pediatrician has special training in evaluating problems related to growth and development, behavior and education. We encourage you to make the most of your well visits by trying to schedule these visits with the same one or two providers. This will build a relationship between you, your child, and your provider.

Schedule for Check-Ups & Routine Immunizations



0-2 Weeks
6-8 Weeks aDPT, Polio, HIB, Pneumonia, Rotavirus, Hepatitis B
4 Months aDPT, Polio, HIB, Pneumonia, Rotavirus, Hepatitis B
6 Months aDPT, Polio, HIB, Pneumonia, Rotavirus,
9 Months Hepatitis B
12 Months Chicken Pox, Hepatitis A, Pneumonia
15 Months MMR, aDPT, HIB
18 Months Hepatitis A
2 Years Any vaccines missed from prior visits
3 Years
4 Years aDPT, Polio, MMR, Chicken Pox
5 Years Any missed vaccines
6 Years

After age 6, children should continue to be seen for checkups annually. We will see some children up to age 21. Typically after age 11 we give the Adacel(DPT), Meningitis, and offer the HPV vaccine.

Children with special needs, (prematurity, chronic health conditions), will generally be seen more often.

Sick Visits

Unlike well visits, sick visits are designed to focus on the problem of that day. We will always try to get your sick child into the office the day you call.

We do allow a baby sitter or designated relative to bring the child to the office with the parent or guardian’s permission. We expect that the sitter will be able to tell us everything a parent would know. Please download the designated Baby Sitter Form. Adolescents can come on their own if a parent has signed a Teen Permission Form.

Latecomers & Missed Appointments

Patients arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment may be asked to reschedule. We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments.

Adolescent visits

We enjoy the relationships that are created with your child/young adult as they grow older. We also feel strongly that we can help our families by encouraging regular (yearly) visits and providing honest information communications with our teenagers.

During check-ups we cover issues that are frequently faced by teens. Being able to speak with teens in a confidential manner helps us to be good physicians for your child. For this reason, most of our providers like to spend some time with your teen, without a parent present, during adolescent visits.

We understand that there are times when a teen might want or need to come to the office by themselves for their appointments. This is fine under most circumstances, although there will be times when a parent or guardian will need to be present. When a teen comes to the office alone, it is best if a consent form has been completed by a parent or guardian. Please find a link to this form in our “patient services” section.

Medical records summaries will be sent to any requesting physician or parent for a charge usually less than $25. These records are prepared by the Healthport a HIPAA compliant medical records company. If you have other needs please inform our staff.